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For the Physician


For the first time ever, the number of independent physicians is fewer than the number of employed physicians.  We believe at nCight, Inc that independent physicians are a critical part of the health system, providing cost containment, and innovation.  Loss of this part of the healthcare puzzle will affect outcomes, costs and access to care. We further believe that the key to superior patient outcomes come from the ability to accurately measure patient behaviors and not simply survey patients about their perceived benefit.  We use Remote Patient Monitoring to determine compliance, improvements in activity level and overall patient engagement.  Our program allows your practice to take a 360 degree holistic view of your patient that will lead to practice growth.

Running Outdoors

Remote Activity Monitoring


Through our wearable platform partner, Remote Activity Monitoring offers physicians the ability to enhance patient outcomes by helping patients stay on track with treatment and provide real-time, actionable insights into patient behavior. These reimbursable services let patients know that you are always there for them.

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nCight Data Sharing Platform

In addition to improving patient outcomes, nCight enables independent doctors to unlock hidden value in their practices.

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