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Although the execution may not be so simple, the concept is:

Your data as an independent physician has VALUE.

Using blockchain, we convert de-identified HIPAA-compliant arthoscopic images from your practice into business insights for medical device, insurance and consumer products.

Data Flow.png

nCight converts data into information

Arthroscopic Image Database

Few companies aim to just acquire data. Instead, the goal is to USE that data and gain insight into how to grow and expand their business.  nCight takes data from the everyday activities of healthcare and transforms it into something of value for both surgeons and businesses.


Evolving Medical Data Ownership requires Adapting Current Technologies

Simply stated: Blockchain is a technology that, in the most secure way possible, allows storage and tracking of information. 

It is NOT Bitcoin; but it is the technology that allows Bitcoin to exist.

Blockchain is the foundation for the second era of the internet – an internet of value, where anything of value, including money, our identities, cultural assets like music, and even a vote can be stored, managed, transacted, and moved in a secure, private way. Blockchain is poised to transform every industry and managerial function —redefining the way we make transactions, share ideas, and manage workflow.

Easy Workflow


Join Network

Sign up for a membership to the data sharing program.


Share Images

Take surgical images like you normally do. Send these images using the secure portal provided by nCight.


Get Rewarded

Artificial intelligence and medical device companies pay for access to data that nCight provides via de-identified image data.

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