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Elevate your business with a tailored chatbot solution. Our custom chatbots enhance patient engagement, optimize operations, and improve efficiency. Seamlessly integrated into your platforms, these intelligent assistants provide personalized support 24/7. From answering inquiries to processing orders, they boost user experience, drive conversions, and save valuable resources. Embrace automation and AI to outperform competitors in the digital era.

nCight CustomGPT Mockup.png

nCight CustomGPT increases efficiency and improves patient engagement 

Customized Artificial Intelligence Interface

Use your own practice data to train the GPT model to give answers that are accurate and controlled by you. If you are interested in AI but don't know where to begin, our tools are easy to setup and more affordable that other options.

Easy To Implement


Upload Your Data Sources

These can be public external facing sources such as website, videos and patient information or internal data like employee handbooks, physician preferences or protocols.


Share CustomGPT Tool

Send link or QR code to patients, office and hospital staff, physical therapists.


Engaged & Efficient

Artificial intelligence adds innovation to your practice. Driving patient experience and helping your organization work more efficiently.

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